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JJ by rawee1
We heard last night that there was a chance we would not get our tax rebate today. Sure enough it was not in our account. We will get a paper check sometime in July.

Too bad we desperately needed that money.

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We were supposed to have ours direct deposited on May 9th but we still don't have it.

We found out last night that if you filed electronically and had your fee taken out of the refund they are going to send a paper check. :o( because of Scotts last 4 we are in the last batch.

WTF!?!? Everyone who files electronically has their fee taken out of the refund. That's stupid! They need to send me the damn money! Stupid gov't.

At the very least they should have had a better announcement about it once they knew what was going on. But yeah. I need my money like yesterday!!!

Did you have to pay or something? I filed online and got mine this morning (I was in the last batch, too).

No. We filed through Turbo tax and instead of paying the fees with our checking we opted to have the fees taken out of our refund. That's what is causing the hold up. :o(

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