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Major Rant
JJ by rawee1
I have to say that I am really irritated with Scott's job right now. In his department there are 3 workers and a supervisor. The supervisor is off Wednesdays and every weekend. There is Haji, a young kid with no experience and DeAndre who is just there (kind of).

First off DA was hired while Scott was out with his hand injury. When Scott went back to work DA decided that since Scott had been out he had more seniority then him and therefore would not listen to anything Scott tried to tell him. HA! Luckily that didn't last long. Lately (by that I mean the last 3 months) DA has been disappearing. In the middle of his shift, for hours, while still on the clock. This happens daily now.

Shortly after Scott went back to work one of his co-workers was fired for stealing a TV (he tried to frame Scott by signing the book that he had taken it out of storage). When that happened Scott was off Fri/Sat and DA was off Sat/Sun because he wasn't really ready to handle Sat by himself. When the supervisor went to him and said I need you to go to Sun/Mon off he flat out said no. Scott ended up working every Sat 6-8 hours a day because DA just "couldn't".

Now it's to the point to where not only is DA disappearing but he's calling in conveniently when he's about to be off on Sat/Sun. This effects Scott every time it happens. If his boss is not there and it's his day off, he gets called in. If DA calls in on Friday, Scott gets called in. Last week Scott worked 59 hours. That was more then Haji and DA put together. This week, he's headed toward the same. He worked from 6:30a-3:00p today then left home at 7:00p this evening to go paint the kitchen. He'll probably roll in around 4:00-4:30a like last week, then go back tomorrow at noon to help set up the stage for the annual 5k run on Saturday. OH Yeah! After that he has to be back Saturday at 5:00a to work the race and he'll be home around 1:00p.

There was a meeting for management today where overtime was discussed and how it was NOT to be done. Well, until Scott's name came up. Then it was, "No, he's not in this. We need him." While that is flattering that he is so needed I wish they could show their appreciation in his pay. He makes 3-4.00 an hour less then others in his field starting out with no experience.

Scott loves the residents, likes his co-workers (for the most part) and just loves what he does. It's just very frustrating.

Supposedly he has to go in tomorrow because DA is going to be fired. I don't wish unemployment on anyone but I really hope this guy gets the boot. After everything that he's done (or should it be hasn't done) he just needs to go.

Oh...man. If you've made it through this entire rant you deserve a cookie. If I had any I'd give you one. ;P

I've got to go to bed.

P.S. He was also accused of harassing a CNA a few months back. When something was said to him about it, the very next day, he found it necessary to follow her around and even yelled at her "Who's stalking you now, bitch". *sigh* Why are people allowed to get away with this crap?

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I'm sorry you guys are having such a frustrating time! I just wanted you to know that you aren't alone. J has many of the same issues with the other guy in his department. It's so frustrating when the dependable hard workers aren't fairly compensated.

Scott says it's like a slap in the face. It's almost as if he's being rewarded for what he's doing. He knows that he can get away with it so why change? It's very frustrating indeed. I hope J's situation improves.

Ugh! I hate that situation for Scott. Dennis has some of the same problems at his job. A few of the guys are so lazy and only half ass work while he and another guy bust ass and take all the calls, etc. It sucks because it pisses him off and stresses him out. Then it really sucks because he comes home bitchy and I have to deal with that!

I'm in the same boat with Scott but I have to see him get home and be so exhausted and sore that he doesn't feel like doing ANYTHING.

I think it's more that management has not done anything when they've known for months what was going on. IMO he should have been gone when the harassment thing happened. End of story. :/

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